Corcovado River rises from the Vintter lake. A large lake (about 40 km long), divided by the border with Chile, that leaves two thirds of the lake in the Argentinean side. During its course, the river bends 180 degrees and enters Chilean territory to pour its waters to the Pacific Ocean. Less than 40 years ago, Chinook salmon (original from Alaska) started being seeded in aquatic farms of Chile. The salmon that escaped came back after 6 years average and went up the Corcovado looking for a place to spawn and die, as they naturally do. These salmon are noted for their size, that can exceed 25kg.
The first salmon was caught in Corcovado, in the early 80s and year after year the population is larger, as its natural predators like the grizzly bear, wolves, etc. can't be found in Patagonia. Females start arriving in October-November and the males in January.

Fishing season: from October 1st to March 31st.


Whether in Chile or Argentina, the area is characterized by the low density of fishermen and the large number of mature pieces.
This combination makes Corcovado the ideal place to maximize the chances of catching high quality Rainbow, Brook or Brown Trout.
It should be noted that the area of the Andes, through which the Corcovado river flows, is simply spectacular. This majestic landscape surprises even those who are used to the beauty of the Andean - Patagonian forest.

Fishing season: from November 1st to May 1st.

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